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The Cops

Game map

A strategy game where the main character is the police chief of Kharkiv

The main character is the police chief of the city of Kharkiv, under the control of which there are police officers, whom he sends on calls and investigations of crimes on the city map. Employees have a number of qualities, such as their experience, rank, level of fatigue, and some employees may have personal qualities such as laziness and a propensity to drink.

Fragment of the game «The Cops»

The mission requires a certain amount of experience, if you select one or more cops and in the total amount equals of the same experience or more, the button lights up Proceed.

Mission of the «Кулиничи»:

The mission requires 1150 points of team experience

On specific missions, for successful completion, you need to perform a mini-quest, choosing the correct answer among the suggested ones.

Mini-quest mission of «Кулиничи»:

Sometimes, you will see personal missions with unique offers on the map, and you can often get additional money for them. For example, the usual presence of one or two computers without the need for total experience or the need to stock up on some things, what exactly-you should carefully read the description of the mission.

Mission of «Подъезд»:

To complete the mission, you need to bring strangers 2 pink spinners and lubricant

Storage and sellers:

Items can be purchased if You have enough money to earn by completing various missions.

Products that can be purchased from one of the sellers:

Data for the game is taken from the Excel table, where you can easily replace, or add any cop, mission, or item for sellers

Table of «Cops»:

Sea Battle Pro+

Game process screenshot

Strategy game

Sea Battle Pro+ a two-player game in which players take turns shooting at an unknown opponent's map. If the opponent has a ship at these coordinates, then the ship or part of it is "drowned", and the hit player gets the right to make another move. The player's goal is to be the first to sink all enemy ships.

Rules of the game in sea battle, you can readhere.

Demonstration of the game process:

Enable/disable hints
Artificial intelligence of the enemy
Enable/disable the enemy's artificial intelligence (before firing, the enemy thinks whether the ship can be located where the shot is expected)
Smart finishing moves
Enable/disable smart ship finishing (as soon as the enemy hits the ship, and then misses, he will shoot around the ship until he finishes it).

Sudoku Extreme

Game process screenshot

Relaxing game with numbers

Sudoku Extreme is a problem with complex hidden layers. It is based on a grid with 9x9 cells, divided into subnets with 3x3 cells. You need to fill the entire square with numbers so that both the row and column contain all the numbers from 1 to 9 without repeating. Individual numbers appear in the cells as clues, the player must enter the rest.

Rules of the game Sudoku, you can read here.

Demonstration of the game process:

Enables/disables displaying errors in the 3x3 field, horizontally and vertically
Enable/disable grid subsampling of the active field
Similar numbers
Enable/disable subsampling of similar numbers in the active field
Enable/disable game sound
Save progress
Saves your progress to a file
Load progress
Loads game progress
Cancel action
Cancels a move
Number of steps
Key e
Clears the cell of all erroneous numbers
Key t
Switch to the pencil (temporary number)

2048 Extended

Game process screenshot


In 2048 Extended you need to throw all the tiles of the playing field to one of the 4 sides. If two tiles of the same value «collide» with each other when dropping, they turn into one whose value is equal to the sum of the connected tiles.

Rules of the game 2048, can be read here.

Demonstration of the game mode «Until number»:

Enable/disable the back grid
The initial number
Selecting the number that will appear with each move
Save progress
Saves your progress to a file
Load progress
Loads game progress
At the end of the game, you can watch a replay of the game
The game will not stop when the number 2048 is reached
Watch the game play itself
Until number
the Game will end when the selected number is reached. By default - 2048

Saper Lite

Game process screenshot


In Saper Lite player opens the cells, trying not to open the cell with a mine. When he opens the mine box, he loses. Mines are placed after the first move.

Rules of the game minesweeper, you can read here.

Chess neon

Game process screenshot

Neon-style chess

A chess game in Chess neon is played between twoopponents on a chessboard by moving chess pieces. The opponent (player, partner, etc.) in a chess game can be one person or a computer.

You can read the rules of chess here.

Demonstration of the game mode «Computer vs computer»:

First move
Who will make the first move
Change shapes
Swaps shapes
Language selection
Choose between Russian and English
Player vs player
Playing against another player on the same computer
Player vs computer
Can you beat artificial intelligence?
Computer vs computer
Your bids?
The history of moves is maintained
Cancel move
It is possible to go back a step
The game has a passing time


Game process screenshot


The game is a set of identical square knuckles with numbers drawn, enclosed in a square box. The goal of the game is to move the knuckles around the box and arrange them by numbers, preferably making as few moves as possible.


Game process screenshot

Computer game

The player controls a long, thin creature resembling a snake that crawls along a plane bounded by walls, collecting food, avoiding collisions with its own tail and the edges of the playing field. Each time the snake eats a piece of food, it becomes longer, which gradually complicates the game. The player controls the direction of the snake's head, and the snake's tail follows. The player cannot stop the movement of the snake.

The game is played on the account, you can view this and the best result

Find A Way

Game process screenshot

Can you repeat the sequence of pressing buttons?

At the beginning of the level, 4 buttons light up, the essence of the game is that you need to repeat their sequence in the same order.

Screenshot of the last fourth level of game «Find A Way»:

Level selection
Ability to select a level
Flashing Color
Selecting the color that will flash
The game has 4 levels


Game process screenshot

Logic game between two opponents

Players take turns putting 3x3 signs on the free cells of the field (one always crosses, the other always noughts). The first player to line up 3 of their pieces vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins. The first move is made by the player who puts crosses.

First move
Choosing who goes first, X or O